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Nail Reconstruction

Are you self-conscious about the look of your toe nails?

Perhaps they have been damaged while playing sports or having surgery?

Damaged, discoloured or missing toenails are no longer something you have to just ‘live with’.

We offer a nail reconstruction service to repair, or rebuild unsightly toenails using an innovative anti-microbial UV gel. The gel is layered directly onto the nail bed or on top of the existing nail.

This process is totally painless and we can build your new nail in under an hour. It will last for up to three months.

This is suitable for you if your nails have been damaged or lost through sporting activities, fungal infection, surgery or because they have ingrown. With the new nail in place, the nail bed will be protected and treated so that they start to look normal and healthy again.

Nail reconstruction: £65 - £110 depending on number of toe nails.


foot before Nail Reconstruction Before Treatment After Nail reconstruction After Treatment
before 2 Before Treatment After Nail reconstruction 2 After Treatment

We use Wilde-Pedique UV Gel.

This is a UV gel designed specifically for the reconstruction of toenails. The finished nail is non porous, light, flexible and durable, has excellent adhesion and contains the anti-fungal agent Piroctone Olamine.

You can choose from 6 different shades to get the most natural colour match.