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Podiatry Treatment
Podiatry Treatments

Specific Treatment for pain and correction of the foot

What Do Our Clients Think?

Making sure that our clients feel looked after and cared for is our number one reason for being in business. Here's what just a few of those clients have said about their experience of working with us....

“Hardly even a twinge from either foot since you prescribed the support and orthotics, both of which I wear 100% of the time, and all totally comfortable. Very many thanks from a highly satisfied customer.“

“Clare has prescribed prescription orthotics insoles for my golf shoes which cured my hip discomfort.  I send other golfers to her regularly.”
TS, Golf Pro

“I have run 4 times (twice for over an hour) without my knee brace. Zero knee pain for the first time since January 2012! Thanks for the being the first out of goodness knows how many professionals to fix my knee problem!”

Clare spends time caring and I feel pampered and indulged.”

“I was referred to Clare Beale because my feet were so bad with discomfort and pain.  Clare has not only stopped this but has avoided the need for an operation on my foot.“

“I can't publish this post without saying a very special thank you to a brilliant podiatrist in Horsted Keynes called Clare Beale who rescued my feet from the onslaught of chilblains (old lady or what?) 2 months ago, and made it possible for me to tackle the Wales Coast Path.“

“Thank you to my Podiatrist, Clare, who sorted out my foot problems early on and provided expert emergency bandaging to my Achilles tendonitis that enabled me to complete the trek.“

“After I have been to you, I feel like a new woman.“